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Point of View: Drag Queens in Space

Drag Queen in Space - Deposit Photos composite

One of the most loathed questions among my writer friends, and the one asked by almost every interviewer, is “Where do you get your inspiration from?” This question comes in many forms: The honest-to-God short answer is that no one f@cking knows. Writer’s brains are a little like those mazes the white coated lab scientists train rats with – dark, twisty, and with a bit of rat fur (and quite possibly droppings) around almost every corner. Writer brains are like a complex piece of machinery handed to a two-year-old child, who shakes it up and down energetically and turns it … Read more

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Time Paradox – M. Timothy Murray

Time Paradox - M. Timothy Murray

M. Timothy Murray has a new space opera out: Time Paradox. And there’s a giveaway! The time crew are unexpectedly thrust six hundred years into Thumar’s past, where a planet wide plague is raging. These intrepid time travelers are predestined to find a cure. When they return to the future, they discover their actions dramatically changed their original timeline. With help from Derak’s brother and the mysterious Time Sentinels of the universe, they set out across time, space, and dimension to fix their time paradox. Can they stop the space-time-continuum from tearing itself apart and destroying the known universe? Amazon … Read more