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Point of View: Bring me Something Good

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In the last ten years, life has rained down a crap-ton of shit on our lives. Politics, Covid-19, income inequality, rising prices, and the endless drumbeat of climate change doom.

I’m a naturally optimistic person. Sure, life sometimes gets me down, but usually I bounce back up like an inflatable ball plunged underwater in the pool, shooting toward the sky with unlikely exuberance. But lately, even I have a hard time finding my buoyancy.

So when that happens, I find it helpful to seek out happy things, hopeful things, joyous things to regain my balance. I’ll share three of my current faves with you today.

First off, a group called ELEL released a silly song ten years ago called 40 Watt. It’s an ode to the 40 watt lightbulb (and its use as a strobe light) that’s both extremely silly and hugely uplifting. I defy you to watch it and NOT get up and dance.

The second is another song. It’s called Lift Up Your Head, by Esabalu. We first heard this on the season finale of The Rookie a few months ago, but it wasn’t available commercially until recently. It combines a gospel sound with a hugely inspirational and uplifting message:

The third one requires a bit more work. It’s a fascinating book from Kim Stanley Robinson called Ministry for the Future, and is a combination sci-fi novel, economic primer, and road map out of the climate change box we’ve put ourselves in. Fair warning – the opening scene is one of the most devastating things I’ve read in a long time. But push through it, and the book will reward you with something to hope for. Many things, in fact. Full review coming soon:

Okay, I’ll sneak in one more. It’s from a Christian group, but the message is universal. All is Not Lost, by the Brilliance. It’s my go-to anthem when the worst seems inevitable:

I hope some of these lift your spirits and bring you solace, as they do for me.

What are your go-to’s when the world gets you down?

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