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New Release / Giveaway: The Magic Users of Greenford Trilogy – Lisa Oliver

The Magic Users of Greenford Trilogy - Lisa Oliver

Lisa Oliver has a new MM paranormal romance trilogy out: The Magic Users of Greenford. And there’s a giveaway. Lucifer Fireborn is a high magic user with a taste for the high life. He spends his days, along with his anchor brother Darwin, chasing the rogue magic users who don’t follow the rules all magic users live by. When his brother claims his own fated mate, and can’t anchor for Lucifer anymore, Lucifer has to find someone else to anchor for him, or risk setting everything and everyone around him on fire. But there’s a problem… Lucifer really doesn’t want … Read more

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Point of View: The Force is Strong in This One

Star Wars

I just finished something I’ve been wanting to do for years but could never find the time for – I watched all nine of the main sequence Star Wars films in order, back to back. When I was nine, Star Wars: A New Hope came out in theaters. I was puzzled, then enchanted by the fact that it was called Episode Four – it seemed to promise so much more to come from this amazing universe. Back then the biggest cinemas in Tucson had only three or four screens, and Star Wars was a blockbuster on an order never seen … Read more

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NEW RELEASE: Black Swan Empire – James Peters

Black Swan Empire - James Peters

James Peters has a new sci-fi adventure out, Black Swan series book 3: Black Swan Empire. Raka Varoule, Maven Blackheart, and Marco return for one final adventure in Black Swan Empire! When Maven nearly starts WWIII as a result of an international nuclear incident, she and Raka are forced to flee from Earth and return to the Galactic Empire, but they aren’t exactly welcomed with open arms. They are quickly drawn into a plot that just happens to involve the assassination of Emperor Caligula himself. With the help of some old friends and a few frenemies, they face their biggest … Read more

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NEW RELEASE / GIVEAWAY: Knight in Retrograde Audiobook – Lee Hunt

Lee Hunt’s epic fantasy book Knight in Retrograde is now available in audiobook format, in addition to eBook and paperback. And there’s a giveaway! Would you trade uncertainty for stagnation, chance for god, invention for inertia, thought for dogma? Four years have passed since the events of Dynamicist and war is on the horizon. Robert, Koria, Eloise and Gregory went to the New School, hoping to change the world. They thought that mathematically based dynamics, the enlightened age’s answer to wizardry, would give them the power to make everything better. Their hopes were naïve. Protestors are condemning the creation of … Read more

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REVIEW: Herald – Lee Hunt

Herald - Lee Hunt

Genre: Fantasy Reviewer: Scott Get It On Amazon About The Book Robert thought becoming a dynamicist would enable him to change the world, starting with saving all his friends from being slaughtered. He was wrong.  Acts of genuine creativity used to bring mortal punishment. But now, wizardry is dead and Robert, Koria and Eloise live in a world where change and invention is possible. Robert hopes that mathematically-framed dynamics will enable him to change the new world. But he keeps having prophetic dreams where his friends are all murdered by a mysterious cloaked man, and the grain protestors are more … Read more

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ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Skythane – J. Scott Coatsworth

Skythane - J. Scott Coatsworth

J. Scott Coatsworth has a new queer sci fi book out, Liminal Sky: Oberon Cycle Book 1: “Skythane.” Jameson Havercamp, a psych from a conservative religious colony, has come to Oberon—unique among the Common Worlds—in search of a rare substance called pith. He’s guided through the wilds on his quest by Xander Kinnson, a handsome, cocky skythane with a troubled past.Neither knows that Oberon is facing imminent destruction. Even as the world starts to fall apart around them, they have no idea what’s coming—or the bond that will develop between them as they race to avert a cataclysm. Together, they … Read more

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POINT OF VIEW: Riding the Writing Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster - Pixabay

I am two weeks away from sending Ithani, the final book in the “Oberon Cycle,” to my beta readers, and I am in full-scale freak out mode. OK, maybe not full scale. I still have all my clothes on. It has proven more challenging than I expected to write the series ender – there are so many loose ends to wrap up, and it’s necessary to both ramp up the volume and to keep tight reins on a story that caps off my first complete trilogy. I got within two chapters of the ending and realized something wasn’t right. I … Read more

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POINT OF VIEW: Plotting My Revenge

Scott - Muwahahaha

* maniacal laughter in background * Hey all, Okay, so my next novel, “The Rising Tide,” is now out the door to the publisher. Which brings me to my strange new year, in which I will be writing the third and final books for not one but two trilogies – “Liminal Sky” and “The Oberon Cycle.” Final books are where everything gets accounted for… all the little loose threads must be identified and wrapped up, the good guys get their win (usually), and the bad guys get what’s coming to them. I am diving into Ithani this week (the final … Read more