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We’re On the WROTE Podcast Again!

serial projects

Vance Bastian at WROTE is joined by Freddy MacKay, Toni Griffin, Angel Martinez, and myself in an awesome roundtable discussion about writing serial fiction. We define serial fiction, go over the aspects of planning, world building, and working collaboratively, and then Vance pokes at distribution possibilities. And we wrap it all up with the benefits of serial writing, and offer advice for content creators who want to work on serialized content. We also talk about our four (yes count ’em, four) ongoing serial projects by MCB members: Marionettes in the Mist Brimstone Journals On The Divide River City Chronicles So pop on … Read more

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WROTE’s 12 Days of Christmas Series Kicks Off


Our friends over at the WROTE Podcast are running a 12 day story extravaganza for the Holidays: “We at the Written on the Edge podcast are grateful for the family-in-spirit that has grown up around the idea of our stories of love, life, and living to the fullest. As you bebop through your holiday this year, we’d like to show our gratitude with a little cheer. Twelve cheers, actually. Delivered to you in the mornings as daily half-hour stories through the end of December. Keelan Ellis kicks off the Twelve Days of Stories events with her tale “APIAPT!!” narrated by … Read more

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WROTE – The Evolution of One Author’s Journey

Hey all. SA “Baz” Collins here. When Scott asked me to guest blog on his site I was immediately intrigued. In the short time I’ve come to know Scott and his works I’ve been nothing short of impressed at the sheer volume of work he does in queer storytelling (writing novels being just one aspect). So what to write about? I pondered talking about my current work (Angels of Mercy – which has a new release coming out at the end of September) that dives into homophobia in competitive sports (in this case American high school football). And while a … Read more