GUEST POST: The Highlander, by Kasia Bacon

The Highlander

QSFer Kasia Bacon has a new MM fantasy book out, and she’s sharing a guest post with us today: In the first chapter of The Highlander—my upcoming fantasy release in the Order series, which will be available on 31st August—Lochan, one of the MCs, struggles with insomnia. This is a condition I’m familiar with. Ironically, … Read more

ADVANCE REVIEW: The Stark Divide – WROTE Podcast

The Stark Divide - WROTE

Jayne Lockwood just posted a fricking AMAZING review of my forthcoming epic sci fi book, “The Stark Divide”: This is a potent tale in an era where the problems the characters are coming up against are very familiar. Namely, the refugee crisis, capitalism and politics, power play, and wars that escalate, causing mass devastation. The … Read more

POINT OF VIEW: I Am Human. So Are You.


I am white. Gay and male. American. Californian. Sacramentan. Brunette and brown-eyed. A writer. Agnostic. Maybe a little overweight. I am human. You are black. Short. Blonde. Transgender. Chinese. An artist. A mother. Muslim. Green-eyed. A construction worker. Bisexual. South African. Christian. Non binary. A teacher. Russian. A small town kid. Homeless. Rich. Old and … Read more