Jessie G. Gives “This Wish Tonight” Four Stars

Thanks to the amazing Jessie G. for the Four Star Review: We move onto Wonderland, which seemed the longest of the three short stories and tells a post-apocalyptic story. After months of believing he’s the last man standing and almost accepting the absolute loneliness that comes with it, Zeke finds Nathan injured on his doorstep. … Read more

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words Gives This Wish Tonight 4.5 Stars

Another great review of “This Wish Tonight” and “Wonderland”, my own story in the antho: Wonderland by J. Scott Coatsworth – 4.5 stars Zeke is a loner his late forties, living in a small cabin in rural Montana. Nathan has been traveling across country on foot since the zombie apocalypse, dealing with his OCD in … Read more

“This Wish Tonight” Gets 4.5 Stars from Hearts on Fire

Hearts on Fire

Thanks to Diane for the great review: I’ve said it before, I like anthologies, a great way to try new stories, new to you authors as well as read stories from your favorites!  For the holiday season 2016, Mischief Corner Books has released This Wish Tonight, which includes a science fiction, post apocalypse and contemporary take … Read more

Review: Wonderland – Molly Lolly

Molly Lolly

Oooh, a 4.5 star review from Molly Lolly: “I really enjoyed this story. I found the world Mr. Coatsworth created fascinating and the reasoning behind the post apocalyptic world being completely hilarious but also totally plausible in many ways. Nathan and Zeke were interesting characters and I liked that we got to know them so well. … Read more

Five Star Review for “This Wish Tonight”

Wonderland - Multitasking Momma

The new Mischief Corner Books anthology “This Wish Tonight” is out today, and we got our first Five Star review! Jo at Multitasking Mommas reviews the antho: I normally don’t give a five star rating for anthologies for usually, the case is mostly a miss than a hit. Especially when the collection is so diverse … Read more